An ideal comfort food for senior citizens -

An ideal comfort food for senior citizens

As we age, our dietary needs change, and many seniors face issues related to soft foods, limited mobility, and travel restrictions. This can make it challenging for them to enjoy their holidays and maintain good health. One of the most significant concerns for many seniors is the need for soft foods due to dental or other medical issues. Soft foods can be challenging to find while travelling or dining out, which can make mealtime a stressful experience. One solution to this problem is to pack homely food that is both soft and nutritious. This way, seniors can enjoy their meals without worrying about their dental health.

Travel and leisure are also essential for seniors, and they should not miss out on this aspect of life due to dietary constraints. provides packed food with different varieties that can help seniors have safe and healthy meals while travelling. menu can also help them explore different cuisines without having to worry about the quality or safety of the food.

Ready-to-eat khichdi

Finding the right food can sometimes be a task during a vacation, more so for senior citizens. Latest surveys show more than 65 percent of the elderly in Indian metros view leisure travel as their top lifestyle expenditure. To keep up with their active lifestyle, a healthy diet obviously becomes a priority, even on a getaway. A bowl of healthy ready-to-eat khichdi such as Moong dal khichdi can be the go-to option in such cases, whether one falls sick during the journey or wants to avoid restaurant food on the go. 

A comfort food for senior citizens with health benefits

Experimenting with food while travelling may not go well all the time. Khichdi is not only a safer alternative, especially if you have diet restrictions, but also provides necessary nutrition. Here are its benefits:

Nutrient-rich meal: Sightseeing during a holiday can be hectic. A wholesome meal, khichdi will keep you energetic and ensure you don’t tire out as you travel. This combination of rice and lentils, cooked with turmeric and ghee among other ingredients, is infused with nutrients including carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibre, and vitamin C. Bajra Khichdi or millet khichdi can be ordered online on Amazon too.

Satiety: There are times when you are too tired to go out and eat. Or you might be craving homemade food. In any case, we tend to eat less as we age but that can compromise the nutrition levels in the body thereby increasing chances of health issues. Khichdi, on the other hand, is a balanced, nutrient-dense meal which can keep one full for a longer time.

Khichdi for elders

Tackles digestive issues: If you are vacationing in the mountains, for instance, a change in terrain often causes dehydration and constipation. Bloating, gas or irritable bowel syndrome are some of other gastric problems that people commonly face on the go. The best way to avoid these issues is by eating light food that is low in fat, salt, and sugar. And what could be better than khichdi? It detoxifies the body, soothes the stomach and intestines, and boosts immunity.

Easy to swallow: Khichdi is soft and very easy to chew and swallow even if one has dental health issues like tooth loss or mouth dryness. With a ready-to-eat khichdi packet in your luggage, you don’t have to go hunting for soft food.

Anti-inflammatory: A change of place and weather conditions makes people vulnerable to common cold and other allergies. Turmeric used in khichdi contains curcumin which reduces inflammation in the body.

Why ready-to-eat khichdi is convenient

A recent global study by Visa and Oxford Economics projected a massive rise in globetrotting among India’s elderly by 2025. Keeping dietary restrictions in mind, it is difficult to go looking for khichdi while on a vacation, especially at a foreign destination. That’s where ready-to-eat khichdi can come handy. Elderly vacationers can easily carry it in their luggage and enjoy hassle-free travel, anywhere across the globe, without feeling anxious about their meals.

Pure vegetarian food:

If you are an Indian senior citizen looking to travel to a religious place and prefer pure vegetarian food without onion and garlic, it might be challenging to find such options internationally.

While it may be challenging to find pure vegetarian food options without onion and garlic, it's an excellent opportunity to try new cuisines and explore local delicacies. You might be surprised by how delicious and satisfying even the local cuisine can be. Bajra khichdi is available for online order and does not contain onion garlic. It's creamy and one can enjoy this soft food with pickles or chutney.

To avoid any inconvenience abroad, you can carry some dry snacks or fruits that you can munch on during your trip. This will ensure that you do not go hungry if you are unable to find suitable food options. Following steps can be taken beforehand:

1.Research your destination: Before you travel, research the place you are visiting and try to find out if there are any Indian restaurants or vegetarian food options available. You can also check online travel forums or contact local travel agencies to get recommendations.

2.Communicate your dietary restrictions: Make sure to communicate your dietary restrictions clearly to the travel agency, hotel staff, or any restaurants you plan to visit. You can also carry a small card with your dietary requirements written in the local language to help you communicate better.

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