About Bhaat.in

Education, and later business travels, kept me craving for home style fresh meals. Healthy eating out options were limited to salads and a few new dishes.

I am a chemical engineer and an IIM Ahmedabad graduate. When  discussing our goals about joining the workforce again post IIMA, I decided that entrepreneurship was my true calling coupled with a desire to search for holistic, guilt free and healthy food solutions. This is when I started to work on my venture Bhaat.in (supported by CIIE).

When various cuisines of India are studied closely, one notices that there is one preparation that unites all our diverse food cultures and that is ‘Khichdi’. Khichdi is a dish that has travelled down from time of Vedas. Indians essentially grow up with Khichdi. Agrees beautifully with the gut—whether you are a 6-month-old kid, 25 year old professional looking for a break from those sinful diets or a retired couple trying to appease a tired metabolism.

It does offer great amount of nutrition and also triggers that nostalgic 'comfort' factor. But very few know that modest khichdi has several avatars. The dish is seen in various forms throughout our country. It is renowned in the south by the name of Pongal, Khichuri in West Bengal and of course, the standard Dal khichdi that can be found in many North Indian restaurants.

We, at Bhaat.in, aspire to serve delectable khichdi recipes from various states of India and serve homeliness right at your doorstep. Our dishes originate from regional home kitchens. We serve khichdi in multiple varieties, in line with the diversity of our nation.