Our Authentic and Time Tested Recipes

At Bhaat, we believe that the simplest meal can be the healthiest in the world if prepared in a spirit of affection and goodwill. Our chefs follow the same baseline and cook our khichdi with a happy heart to bring out more nutrition and deliciousness.

The recipes that we use to cook our mouth-watering Khichdi are not taken from the internet or adapted based on our eating patterns. We have taken the pain to travel around the country, interact with people across regions and understand the original recipes. Our Khichdi is as authentic as possible, made with time-tested recipes passes down through generations. Hope you relish the taste we present.

Bihari Chokha Khichdi

This creamy khichdi is made of rice and tur dal tempered with desi ghee ad garlic. The accompanying chocka is made of potatoes, tomatoes annd brinjal. The smoked flavour of chokha and the spicy chutney increases the taste quotient of this khichdi.


Himachali Khichdi

This khichdi is made of rice and urad dal. Other ingredients in this dish are methi seeds (fenugreek), ginger and mild spices. Served with pickle, papad and curd.

Hyderabadi Haleem

This closely resembles haleem, a meat dish, which is cooked for Ramadan and special occassions. But this is a vegetarian haleem made with soya nutrella, mixed lentils, dalia and mild spices. Topped with fried onions, this khichdi is truly a gourmet’s delight.

UP ki Tehri

A simple dish made of rice with seasonal vegetables and spices, this khichdi is made in mustard oil and desi ghee. Served with curd and pickle. This dish may resemble pulao, but very easy to digest.

Haryanwi Bajra Khichdi

This dish is made of bajra (fox millet), pulses, amla and desi ghee. This khihdi is slightly sweet to taste. Served with kadhi and spicy chutney, this khichdi is the healthiest of all!