Secret Behind Our Recipes

The secret behind our recipes

Over the years and months we have collected authentic recipes for our dishes from different parts of India. Many of them are secret receipts passed down over generations, with some modifications to suit the consumption patterns of today while remaining absolutely authentic. 

We are delighted to profile some of the  wonderful cooks for you.

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Mrs. Mallika Mondal works with Euro International School, Gurgaon as a teacher.

She loves experimenting  with different kinds of dishes. She is known to ask for and try recipes from small local restaurants whenever she travels. Her favourite cooking is certainly associated with fish, but she is equally known among her friends and family for her Bengali khichuri.

Ever wondered how the Bengali khichuri tastes so authentic ,fresh and delicious?

Its not just the authentic Bengali rice and ingredients, it’s the way and delight with which it is prepared in exactly the same recipe as suggested by Mrs Mondal.

In, Bengali khichuri is served with mishti chutney and Labra (Labra is available only during poojo).