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When it comes to healthy eating, there are many western foods and diet fads that one might fall trap to. It is rightly said that- we become what we eat, which means that our physical and mental health is directly related to what we eat and drink. The nutritional content of the food we eat determines the composition of our skin, blood, hormones, tissue, hair, and whatnot. Hence one must follow a healthy lifestyle to not fall prone to diseases.

Given the current lifestyle of people, whether we talk about students, single or married - all have an extravagantly demanding routine. People lack time to arrange resources to cook a delicious, yet simple meal. At, we want to promote our traditional Indian dishes that are inherently healthy, wholesome, and delicious. The food which we all have grown up eating, Khichdi. We have designed our Ready to Eat Khichdi range. Today, ready-to-eat options are almost limited to noodles and other junk food. This is why we want to provide people with healthier options. So, provides you with a healthy and tastier option.

Our preparation begins with authentic ingredients that are sourced. Our ready to eat range includes 3 assorted varieties of khichdi, i.e.
Moong Dal Khichdi
U.P. Tehri
Mumbai Dal Tadka

Our products have 100% natural ingredients, are preservative-free, no artificial flavors & colors are added, and are transfat free. Just heat it and eat it. As simple as that!

Now you must ask, if they are preservative-free, then how much shelf life do they have? Well, our products are as good as new till 12 months from manufacturing date. 

Our cooking process is the same as followed by our grandmas, hence the taste is unbeatable delicious. Our USP is 'Consistency' and keeping customers happy with repeated orders.

We are committed to applying the highest quality in everything we do. When you open the package and consume it, we want you to have the most memorable experience!
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