Packed food or Flight food cause feeling of acidity? -

Packed food or Flight food cause feeling of acidity?

A healthy, homestyle food for travel that can keep acidity at bay.

Fried snacks, chips, and other packaged /packaged foods ,even flight food are what we commonly tend to rely on while travelling to satisfy sudden cravings. This often leads to acidity or indigestion which can spoil your mood during the trip. Instead of compromising on healthy eating while travelling, it is best to carry ready-to-eat, healthy foods that are light, have good shelf life and wholesome.

Khichdi is a great low-calorie food for travelling. It is gut-friendly and an abundant source of energy. You can pack ready-to-eat dal khichdi or bajra khichdi, among other varieties, according to your taste and diet preferences and enjoy hassle-free travel with your loved ones!

Here’s why ready-to-eat khichdi can be perfect for travel:

Tasty meal for children

Is your child a picky eater and giving you a hard time while travelling?’s ready-to-eat khichdi, which has zero preservatives or additives, can come to your rescue. It tastes delicious and also includes healthy ingredients like veggies, desi ghee, turmeric and other important spices to make a wholesome meal for little ones. Next time you travel, you do not have to worry about whether your child is consuming sufficient nutrients on the go.

A taste of home   

With a pack of UP ki Tehri, or succulent Moong Dal Khichdi, you can carry with you the taste of a good homecooked meal even while travelling. This is made even simpler if you have the convenience of ready-to-eat khichdi in your backpack.

Takes care of hunger pangs

Rich in protein, fibre and suitable fats, khichdi can keep you full for hours. All you need to do is microwave the khichdi packet or just dip it in boiling water and enjoy a nutritious meal almost instantly. You don’t need to stock up on deep-fried packaged food items in your luggage!

A great vegetarian option

It’s safer to order khichdi online in advance and pack in your bag just in case you are unable to find 100% vegetarian food at your destination. If you are on a sattvic diet, you can opt for ready-to-eat Sabudana Khichdi made with sendha namak. 

Prevents fatigue, illness

With vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, khichdi is a powerhouse of nutrients. The fibre and carbohydrate content keeps you full of energy while its antioxidant properties prevent illness. If you are feeling unwell, nothing works better than a hot bowl of khichdi, the perfect comfort food. Unlike other foods, it does not cause acidity or bloating.

Here are some other healthy snacks to pack for travel:

Popcorn/Fox Nuts: These are good snacking options as they are rich in fibre and low in fat.
Fruits: Having fruits on the go can keep you hydrated and satiated while regulating bowel movements.
Nuts and seeds: These are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and fibres.
Buttermilk: Buttermilk works as the perfect summer drink that cools the body. It is rich in protein and calcium and aids digestion.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water while travelling and maintain hand hygiene before eating your food.

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